This site is dedicated to helping teachers make it through their first few years of teaching or many years of teaching. A large percentage of teachers leave the profession within five years, and I really feel that one of the largest contributors is the lack of support. This blog is created with love knowing that teaching is incredibly hard (and sometimes rewarding) work. No one understands it quite like a teacher. Your friends won’t understand. Your family won’t understand. Heck, even your spouse might not understand. Think of me as your support. When you have a question, I’ll be there. When you need advice, just look through the pages here to find some possible. If you can’t find them, make a comment or send an email asking for a blog post on a particular topic or struggle.

This site will deal with classroom management, grading, the myth of finding balance, and many more topics. I’ve been teacher in the public school setting for 17 years with 2 additional years in a private school setting. I also taught English Composition for five years at a vocational college.

I have a variety of successes and failures that I hope you can learn from to make your life in the classroom easier. Enjoy!


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