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5 Reasons I Dislike Grades

Reason 1 Grades don’t take into account what a student is dealing with at home and outside of the classroom. Sure, there are some students who have no issue sharing their problems with their friends, but too many students don’t talk to an adult about their issues. They certainly don’t share their concerns with teachers. Read More

The Kids Always Talk Over Me

You Make Me Feel Brand New Despite the sincere and wonderful meaning of this Stylistics song title, for a veteran teacher, this phrase is like the kiss of death. A few years ago, I decided to go back into public education after experimenting with private education. I ended up landing a part-time job with a Read More

My Students Don’t Turn in Homework

This is a tough one. After many years of teaching, I still don’t have a clear-cut answer for this. ¬†All I can do here is offer some suggestions. Each class and kid is different, so it is really hard to figure out the best way to get kids to do the daily stuff. However, basic Read More

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