Finding Balance Is a Myth

You Know This Story It’s Wednesday evening (not afternoon, mind you), and I trudge to my car after another long day at work. It was dark when I arrived at school, and it’s dark as I leave school. Thankfully, the parking lot lights scare away the shadows. I might be physically leaving school, but mentally Read More

Woman writing pen in notebook. Female writing letter

The Power of Journaling

A Powerful Teaching Tool Journaling is a powerful tool that any teacher can use in the classroom. When kids journal, I get to see their thought process, how they write, and where they are in terms of learning and deeper thinking. I also get to understand their thoughts on a particular topic which helps me Read More

Brain inside a lightbulb with the words genius hour

My First Experience With Genius Hour

In the Beginning It was nearing the end of the school year for my non-continuing contract. By this time, my English 9 classes were finishing up Romeo and Juliet while I struggled to think about what I was going to do with my Academic Skills Development class. There was no final in that class, and we Read More

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